My Writing Buddy

This is Jack.

photo-4Blackjack, when he’s feeling formal. 

Right now he’s curled up on the floor beside my chair. Every day, when he sees me carrying my computer and my stack of notes and my pot of tea (it’s a balancing act. I’m very good) he sighs, gets up, and wanders over to sit beside me like it’s his day job.

photo-12He gets paid in ear scratches.

He’s not great at editing, he side-eyes me when I try to get his opinion and sometimes he farts on my foot. But it’s nice to have him as my furry little cheerleader.

And he looks great in a seasonal hat. 

Who keeps you company when you work? If you have sickeningly adorable pictures of your pets, kids or mascots, I want to see them!

2 thoughts on “My Writing Buddy

  1. I keep a ridiculous number of mascots and toys on my desk to play with while I’m thinking. At work, I have a toy car, a toy pony, a cut-out bear and a pack of cards. At home I have gargoyles, crocheted ghosts, papercraft monsters and robots, and a stuffed Pyro character from Team Fortress 2.

    I’m hoping to get a cat this year, but I’m not sure there will be room for him on the desk!


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