An Editor Took My Baby

The self-edit is finished and I’ve handed the manuscript off to another human to read, judge, and attack with a proverbial red pen.


I now have a month completely free from looking at the thing. So I’m going to spend the next two – three days  catching up on some reading (I’m one book behind on my Goodreads challenge and my reading pile is threatening to eat me) and then I’m going to try to plot out two more books, work on my synopsis, and try to figure out all the fun American tax stuff I need to be able to use CreateSpace.


2 thoughts on “An Editor Took My Baby

  1. Editing, such a good thing but at the same time nerve-wracking 😀 Handing that manuscript to someone else, after all the love and hard work that went into it, is a very hard thing to do. But enjoy your time away from it! Surprising how much you can get done whilst its away 🙂


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