Ceinwen Langley, smiling politely

After having to take a selfie (well, two hundred and eight selfies, but I only used one. Eventually) to use as evidence of my face on a paid piece of work, I decided to bite the bullet and get some professional head shots taken.

Portrait of Cei Langley, Author

Fun fact: spending the morning staring at your own face in glorious HD will make you feel weird.

Portrait of Cei Langley, Author

But despite all weirdness, it was definitely worth paying someone (in this case, helpfully, also an old friend familiar with who I am and what I do) who knows their stuff when it comes to lighting, location, lenses and … I can’t think of another word for retouching that starts with an ‘l,’ but you get the idea.

So that’s another thing ticked off the list while I wait for my manuscript to come back from the editor. I’ve already plotted my next novel and started roughing out a draft, and, less productively, addicted myself to Scandal and devoured three books.

Next stop, figuring out the American Tax System!

…and Scandal, season three.

4 thoughts on “Ceinwen Langley, smiling politely

  1. Both of these photos are excellent Cei but I still think the one taken for the story in the West Australian is better. Then there is the other one, you looking at Simon Larkins which would be great (cutting out Simon) except for the ‘vampire’ red eye, which could surely be photoshopped. Then there are several photos of you jumping in the air which I think express your character and spirit better than any posed portraits.


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