Updates: Short Stories and Interviews

In an a bit of an awesome twist, two exciting things happened today.

Firstly, my short story Sext Best Thing (posted here a month or so ago) was published in online magazine Birdee under new title, Side Boob: Sending

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.09.17 PM

And an article about me and the book came out in my hometown’s news blog. So it’s been a pretty cool day!

…which obviously means I’ve gotten exactly zero work done.

4 thoughts on “Updates: Short Stories and Interviews

  1. On days like this Cei you are entitled to spend the day taking selfies eating ice-cream, frolicking on the beach, wiggling your toes. It’s ok to feel sucessful and honoured…at least until the writer’s curse sets in – that feeling that you are a talentless fraud, not to mention ugly – the morning after the night before. You just have to go back to your computer and write woeful shit until some little diamond twinkles in it.


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