The ball is rolling!

Just got back from chasing some paid work in Melbourne. Talked writing, ate tiny cupcakes and filled my friend’s Netflix recommendations with terrible reality TV and teenage mysteries, so it was four days well spent.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 8.53.12 PMMelbourne. It’s got trams. 

Anyway, as I said at the very bottom of my last post, my edit notes came back! I was really pleasantly to surprised to find out that my editor loved the manuscript, and that her suggestions were pretty minor. They were all focused on the back end of the story, which I knew needed work, but it was great (and really interesting) to see exactly what she thought needed to be reworked and expanded and what she thought was fine to stay how it was.

So I’ve made those changes, plus a few more tiny ones of my own (I have a problem, and I will tinker with this novel until someone takes it off me and forces me to publish it) and it’s now with three test readers. They all enjoy Young Adult and fantasy books, but they all have different tastes and preferences so between them I’m hoping to get a good idea of whether the book is really working. And whether people I’m not paying actually like it or not.

Which is… terrifying.

Like, just yikes.

Anyway, I’ve given them a few weeks to finish, so until then I’m concentrating (slash distracting myself)  on some touch-ups on the eBook cover and expanding it to a spine and back for the paperback version, and working on a script for the Melbourne meeting. I’ll also be doing a talk for new writers during the week, so if I or my fellow speakers manage to say anything particularly useful I’ll post a summary here.

It’s all happening!

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 3.54.36 AM

PS. The No Scrubs Book Club did meet on God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, but it was also a clothing swap afternoon and we were particularly unfocused so didn’t discuss the book in too much detail. But we did unanimously agree it was a great read, with a wonderful style. If I get the time I’ll do a proper write up with my own opinions, but until then: Yay Vonnegut. Four stars.

Your thoughts?

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