The Edge of the Woods: Happy One Month-sary!

Today marks one month since the launch of The Edge of the Woods! Happy days! Although I still have much to learn about the world of effective marketing, I’m very happy with how things have been going and the feedback I’ve been receiving.

To celebrate, I’d like to share my favourite review so far, from Brandi on Amazon:

‘I truly enjoyed this book – as in, I was laying in bed at 2am in the morning trying to finish it knowing full well that my alarm was set to go off at 4am for work, but I could not put it down! The characters were all well written and I loved the little world she created. I love that as I was reading and thinking ahead to what I thought was going to happen, I would be surprised when Langley took the story in a different, but refreshing direction. I loved the main characters strength of character and loyalty to her loved ones, friends, and town. She had great morals and principles that we all could learn from.

I also have to add that my pre-teen daughter is reading this book right now and is thoroughly enjoying it as well.

I hope to see more great books from this talented author!’

This isn’t my favourite review because it’s so positive (though frankly that is nice!) but because it reminds me of what I loved most about reading when I was younger: sharing books with my Mum. I’d read them first and pass them on, or vice versa, and then we’d talk about them. I especially remember doing it with Isobelle Carmody books, which we still share today. Knowing that somewhere in the world a mother and daughter have done that with my book is more special than anything else I could hope for.

So happy month-sary, The Edge of the Woods! And happy month-sary, readers! Thank you to anyone who has bought and read the book, anyone who has spoken about it or recommended it, and to anyone who has taken the time to send me a kind word of support. You’ve all made the first month of my publishing career a wonderful one.


PS. I know you’re not supposed to read your reviews, but I’m a month in and there’s only about eleven of them so how can I not?

Your thoughts?

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