Dry July – Going Booze Free For Cancer

It’s that time of year again, Aussies and Kiwis! And this time, I’m joining in. Dry July, where some of us forsake our stereotypical (and fairly accurate) national pastime and raise money to support the affiliated cancer charity of our choice. Non-Australians & New Zealanders, you can join in by donating!


My family has a fairly rotten history with cancer. Dad was diagnosed with throat cancer for the first time in 1989, again in 2005 and, after beating them both, passed away from either pancreatic or gall gladder cancer with secondary stomach cancer in March this year. Mum also had a bout with bowel cancer in 2007, which she beat and is fortunately (and hopefully continues to be!) in very good health. My Nanna and several aunties have had brushes with breast and ovarian cancer. Some came through, some didn’t.

Cancer is hard on everyone, from the patient to the families and friends. It’s even harder when you have to travel for treatment, as Mum and Dad did. The Western Australian Cancer Council supports rural cancer patients who don’t have close access to treatment facilities, and I’m choosing to donate any money I raise to them. Mum volunteered for them before her own stint with cancer, and they’re a really wonderful group.

So if you’d like to donate – whether it’s $1 or $10 (or more, if you’re some kind of benevolent millionaire) you can do so at my page at Dry July.com.

Let’s kick cancer’s arse.

Your thoughts?

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