TV Time!

I just wrote a fairly long post, but the internet ate it when I hit publish and no drafts were saved. So. That’s annoying.

You now get the very much abbreviated version because I can’t be bothered going through all that again. You know how it is. You pose properly the first time, then the picture doesn’t take properly, and then you end up with a photo of everyone awkwardly hugging and giving their dead eye smile.

This week I am stepping away from working on my novels to do the other thing I love: writing television. Not actual going-to-air real television, but my concept was one of six selected by my state’s very friendly film funding body to participate in a week long development program. So I get to spend a few afternoons locked in a room with a mentor writer and producer to develop and flesh out my concept, as well as learning from some incredibly impressive people (mentor writer and producer included… I had a bit of a squeal when I found out who mine were… more on them later in the week). At the end of the week I get to go away and work on and submit a series bible, and then two projects will be selected to receive some money. But everybody wins experience and some potentially amazing contacts.

This is my idea of a happy week, people. I’ve missed TV, but I’ve never had the opportunity to work on my own concept before, and to do it with someone like Samantha Strauss (co-creator and head writer of Dance Academy) is just a mind-blowing opportunity. I’m a little nervous, but I’m really looking forward to it.

So off I go to get a good nights sleep after writing TWO blog posts (sorry, the first one was better) to make sure I’m all alert and able to speak like a normal, intelligent human tomorrow morning.

I’m excited, people!


Your thoughts?

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