The Work In Progress Blog Tour

Is anyone there?

It’s me, Cei. I’ve been away since the start of 2015, which I’ve just realised is quite a while ago. But S. Elliot Brandis has tagged me in a blog tour where I’m supposed to talk about what I’m currently working on, so here I am to tell you how the dog ate my homework and that my printer ran out of ink and all other excuses for being super slack on the blog front.

First, a bit about my tagger. S. Elliot Brandis is an indie author from Queensland who has written about some rad ladies in some pretty horrifying, yet very unique and well drawn worlds. I’m seriously waiting for fan-artists to get busy putting pictures to his words. You can read about his upcoming book here on his own post. He had me at YA-sci fi about a girl with gills, even though he puts me to shame with how quickly he can get good books out.

Now, what am I working on?

Everything. Which is why nothing is getting done.

I’m supposed to post the first line of the first three chapters of what I’m working on, which I’m not going to do. Mostly because I’m in the first draft stages of several projects, and none of them are organised into neat chapters yet. Also because of the nature of some of these projects, I know the middle or ending better than the beginnings, so there’s not so many first lines to speak of. But here’s a brief overview of all the projects that are clamouring to get out of my brain (all titles are working titles):


A YA sci-fi set between dystopian London and a space shuttle carrying a lone girl and an automaton as they travel to a potentially habitable new planet. The Earth only has 20 years of sustainable life left, and this mission is humankind’s last chance to survive. But how much of their humanity will survive with them?

Told from the perspectives of Subject, a young woman born and trained solely for this mission, and Riley, a teenage girl living in  overpopulated London.


A lower YA/MG fairytale adventure that pays homage to Lewis Carroll, Hayao Miyazaki, the Grimms, Jim Henson, Isobelle Carmody, Guillermo Del Toro and basically anyone who has inspired me with magic and danger over my lifetime. A young girl goes on a picnic with her estranged father and loses him in a national park. Looking for him, she stumbles into a magical world. If she ever wants to get back to the real world, she’ll need to help an petty witch with a simple task. But the task is not so simple, and the witch is not so petty.


A YA comedy/coming of age about a sixteen year old girl growing up in rural Australia in 1987. The mysteries of sex, friendship, family, acceptance, self-confidence, blue light disco’s and tight perms will be explored, though probably not answered. There’ll be laughs, there’ll be heart, and by god there will be music.


A small collection of classic fairytales, retold by me, linked by the power of midnight. You can read one of them here!


I’m writing a pilot script for a television project which is very exciting, and is actually paid, and is going to take up most of my focus for the next few months. But I’ll be dabbling in the others as often as I can.

So basically this will probably be a year of behind the scene work. Last year was largely a write off due to personal stuff. Not a lot got done other than wallowing and grieving, but this is the year of Getting My (Business?) Together. So I’ll share what I can with you when I can, and hopefully in the near future I’ll have exciting news to share with you all.

And next in the blog hop, I have not asked her permission for this so she can feel very free to ignore me, but I tag Marina Finlayson. Marina just published her debut Urban Fantasy novel Twiceborn, which has one of my favourite concepts ever. Dragons in Sydney? Yes please! It’s sitting on my kindle just waiting for me to burn through my reading list. The sequel will be out soon, so I’d better get cracking.

Until next time, friends, happy reading!


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